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Fringe Event - Dark Norse Stories
17th February 2020
7:00pm - 10:00pm
£7.50 – £12.50
Merchant Taylors' Hall
Merchant Taylors' Hall, Aldwark, York, YO1 7BX

While Thor thunders, Loki schemes, and giants blunder about, there are darker things abroad:

the dragon Fafnir and his obsession with gold, how Odin sacrificed his eye and then his own life - to himself - to acquire magic and wisdom, and the Darugr dead that leave their barrow mounds to hunt the living. This collections of Viking legends breaks open the lid of stranger and more sinister tales from the Norse heroes and villains, the victors and victims.

Age: Adult and teens (13+)

"Just brilliant. Bringing old tales to life" Lorna, Mansfield
"Absolutely captivating to watch" Dan, Northampton
"He transports you to a different world and is so engaging and captivating, left me just wanting to hear more and more stories." Samantha, Haywards Heath

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