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10th Century Traders
21st February 2020
23rd February 2020
10:00am - 4:00pm daily
£3 Adult, £2 Concession, £8 Family of 4
Merchant Adventurers' Hall
Fossgate, York YO1 9XD

Transport yourself to the 10th Century city and meet traders from all over the Viking world.

Explore the stalls and soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy the excellent range of Viking goods on sale, from hand-crafted weapons to authentic jewellery and much more!

For accessibility information visit: Merchant Adventurers Hall

Trading this year:

Herts Fabric

Valhalla Silver -
Silver and bronze Viking age jewellery, clothing and crafts inspired by our ancestors.

Viking Kristall -
Viking Kristall is a family business producing and selling Viking jewellery. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with Viking jewellery of high quality and always renew ourselves.

Bohemia Beauty -
Historical glass replicas , ceramic Viking design mugs, ancient jewelry , sheepskins , historical wooden tankards and boxes.

Viking Drinking Horns -
We sell a fantastic selection of drinking horns from 50 ml to 4 litres, all are treated with our unique food-safe varnish which is far superior to beeswax in terms of safety and hygiene, and we can guarantee no bad smell or taste from the horns. We also provide table stands and belt holder to display the horns.

Grybol -
I make armor, kitchen utensils, boxes, metal fittings, shield bosses. I offer over 200 products in my workshop. I am happy to do things to order.

Taberna Vagantis -
We are a small Polish-Norwegian venture, that is active in historical reconstruction movement for about 30 years. We sell our wares (made by me, my family and friends) on historical markets almost in all Europe. Every year we drive nearly 80 000 km of roads and wilderness, to get where the people wants to hear us and see how the history is reborn.

Merchant of Menace

Black Raven Crafts -
Swords, Hand axes, Dane axes, Scramasax, Chests, Shields, Shield blanks, Spears, Spear shafts, Pottery, Silver Jewellery and Irish linen.

Amber Wolf Workshop -
Amber Wolf Workshop sell knives, handmade jewellery, bone work and furs.

Runesmith -
Viking, Saxon, Celtic and Fantasy jewellery and metalwork. Runesmith is based in Yorkshire and trades all over the Viking world.

Cave Crafts -
Reproduction historic pottery from Bronze age to Medieval.

Jelling Dragon -
Authentic hand-crafted Viking re-enactment and festival gear direct from Scandinavia & Northern Europe. The one stop Viking shop, offering one of the largest selection of Viking products in the world! Brought to you by 'The Jelling Dragon' est. 1997

Spearman Supplies -
Hand made early medieval reenactment weapons, leather goods, shields and furniture.

Jorviking - Traders, Invaders and Raiders
Viking, Saxon and Norman dress accessories belt, pouch and scabbard fittings.

The Lancashire Mead Company -
The Lancashire Mead Company is husband and wife team Gordon Baron and Ann Farrell. Our meads are all made from the best honeys. No white wine bases and no added sugar (excluding the Molasses Recipes). We use ambient temperature fermentation processes, which keeps our carbon footprint low and gives each batch its uniqueness. Producing mead in this manner allows us to keep our products as natural as possible. They are fermented until the yeast dies naturally, allowed to sediment naturally, then filtered using paper sheet filtration methods to remove almost all particulates. We source all of our ingredients, process equipment, packaging and consumables from local Lancashire companies or Family run businesses wherever possible. Our ethics are in line with Fair Trade policies, using as much recycled and recyclable materials as possible. No chemicals are used to aid stabilisation and no finings are used to clarify. Each bottle is Handcrafted with the love for mead. ALL flavours are suitable for vegetarians and DO NOT contain Sulphites.

Quiverstock -
Historically Inspired Purveyor of historical & traditional archery goods; gambesons & padding; maille, clothing & historical accessories, full contact kit, staves & poles. Our mission is to provide quality to reenactment, bohurt, LARP, film, TV & museums.

The Lucet Co -
The Lucet Co. sell and demonstrate Lucet

V.T. Accessories -
We make & sell handmade Dark Age Jewellery ,Leather-work ,Clothing,Textiles & Accessories made from various metals, bone & antler.

Jorgen Craft -
Jorgen Craft offers handmade historical and re-enactment pieces using the techniques of the period. We make historical knives, sheathes & scabbards, jewellery, belts, pouches. Our products are based on genuine sources including historical artefacts and chronicles as well as inspired on the historical pieces.

Walhalla -
Walhalla is a Viking shop, coming for the 16th time to the Jorvik Viking Festival. With us you can collect lots of interesting Viking equipment.

Gungnir -
Historical jewellery and pottery, knives, leather products, animal skins.

Drakos Dottir -
A Viking weaver and who specialises in authentic tablet weaving designs and other textile items.

Ragnar's Market

Time Warrior -
Viking/Saxon helmets, shoes, belts, swords, pouches, daggers, gloves, armour, mail, buckles etc.

Poterie des Pommiers -
Hand thrown pottery vessels with a historical inspiration, from Viking camp to French farmhouse. Re-enact the style of history with our beautifully glazed wares.

Nordulf -
Nordulf self-employed craftsmen offering at Jorvik Viking Festival, Jewellery, Leatherwork, Threads, Clothing and Accessories. If you would like more information please visit our website:

Saffron Crafts -
I make Viking clothing for men, women and children, I use natural and man-made fibres . We will have kirtles, trousers, under dresses, kirtle dresses, apron dresses, hats, hoods, cloaks, bags and apron beads. I also take orders for items to be made to personal specifications.

TROLLCAVE Jewellery: Historical jewellery replicas and runes-
TROLLCAVE is workshop of ancient jewellery, worn by VIKINGS, ANGLO-SAXONS and CELTS , rooted deeply in historical underground, craftsmanship and design

Peter Merrett Boots and Bonework -
In Viking times metal was time-consuming to make and expensive, so the Vikings used bone and deerhorn (both readily available) to make many of the objects they needed such as belt buckles, hairpins, cloak pins, needles, spindle whorls, jewelry. The boots and shoes were usually made with one sole, so to protect the stitching they sewed them and turned them inside out. This is why they are commonly referred to as turn shoes today. All of these objects are made by hand and will be on sale at the Traders Market with Peter.

Viking Crafts

Nidavellnir -
Learn the ancient craft of nalbinding with the Nalbinding for Beginners Starter kit from Nidavellnir. Come and see the Viking Age nalbound hats, socks and gloves. Perfect for all your warm winter needs!

Gripping Beast -
We have been participating in historical fairs in Europe for 20 years. Our goods are of high quality and historically accurate at the age of 9-15, handmade by craftsmen from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany. We sell silver and bronze jewelry, historical glass, drinking horns, bows, arrows, helmets, axes, knives, furs, shields, leather goods (satchels, purses, quivers, butts, archery), wood (cups), wooden toys ( eg bows, swords), clothes.

The More Mead Company -
Purveyors of legendary artisan Mead.

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