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The Vikings believed in a whole pantheon gods that influenced their lives

From deities who controlled the weather and fertility to others who had dominion over the finer things in life, including poetry and beauty the Norse Gods were central to everyday life.

The Aesir, a tribe of Norse Gods, ruled from Asgard, their world high above Midgard. Within their ranks they had powerful and intriguing individuals including:

The Gods:

Odin, Chief god of the Aesir. Known as ‘Allfather’. God of Poetry, Battle and Death.

Balder, God Of Beauty, Son Of Odin

Bragi, God of Eloquence

Forseti, God of Mediation

Freyr, God of Fertility (Originally from the Vanir tribe of Gods)

Heimdallr, Guardian of the Bifrost – the rainbow bridge connecting the worlds.

Hod, the blind god

Loki, God of Fire, mischief maker and ally Of the Frost Giants.

Njord, God of the Sea (Another Ex-Vanir)

Thor, God Of Thunder, son of Odin

Tyr, God Of War

Vili, brother of Odin

Ve, brother of Odin

Vidar, Odin’s son

The Goddesses:

Freya, Goddess of Fertility

Frigga, Odin’s wife

Sif, Thor’s wife

Idun, Keeper of the Apples of Youth