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30-6th August 2022

The Coppergate Woman

2:30pm – 12:00am | York Theatre Royal (July to August)

Discovered in a shallow pit by the river, the remains of an unknown woman are displayed in a glass cage in the JORVIK Viking Centre for all to see. Until one day, the eyes stop coming, the visitors are no more. The city is quiet and the Coppergate Woman rises once again. She is a Valkyrie, a servant of Odin, ready to guide lost souls to the halls of Valhalla. With Ragnarok coming, the gods will perish, and fire will triumph, and out of the ashes, finally, the world will rise again. Made anew.


Weaving Viking legends with the stories of modern-day York people, this epic new play imagines a world in which the old gods rise to meet the new, to do battle together.


This summer, York Theatre Royal present another stunning community production, featuring a local ensemble cast and live choir performances.

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