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I am an independent reenactor – can I get involved?

For safety and organisational reasons we employ reenactors and reenactment groups to provide the living history encampment and participants for the battles. If you would like to be involved in these aspects, please get in touch with the Festival team via and we can point you in the right direction. If you would like to join in but are not a member of an employed group, you are welcome to join the end of the March. Please note, you will not be able to take part in the battles.

Are there dress standards I have to adhere to?

We aim to be as authentic as possible, but also want activities to be fun, accessible and safe. Therefore aspects such as glasses or modern shoes with practical soles in bad weather are absolutely fine.

Is there camping available?

Unfortunately due to being a city based festival we are not able to offer camping accommodation.

Is there a living history campsite?

There is a living history encampment on Parliament Street. Only groups employed by the festival organisers may set up there. If you think you have something you can contribute to the encampment, please contact the Festival team via

Can I join in the afternoon or evening battle?

If you are a member of one of the groups employed by JORVIK and they wish you to take part, then yes. If you are not a member of one of the groups employed by JORVIK, you are not allowed on the battlefield under any circumstance.

What are the rules for fighting in the battles?

As there are a number of different groups with differing rules participating in the battle, the rules for each battle are decided in advance by us in consultation with the group leaders. They will then communicate the rules to all participants.

What insurance do I need?

Public Liability Insurance is obligatory for all participants. If you are a member of a group which has been formally employed by the JORVIK Group to take part in the festival, you will likely be covered by that groups insurance, but please check with your group leader. It is the responsibility of all reenactors to ensure that they have the necessary insurance in place.