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The annual JORVIK Viking Festival is a city-wide celebration of York’s rich Norse heritage

Recognised as the largest event of its kind in Europe; visit York in February 2020 for an exciting programme of events, including living history encampments, markets, workshops, talks, tours and dramatic combat performances.  Whether you’re well-versed in the sagas or looking for a thrilling half-term break, there’s something for everyone at JORVIK Viking Festival.

This year’s theme is the Voyages of the Vikings – just like the Norse in the 9th century, journey to York in February half term to discover their extraordinary stories!

Tickets for events are on sale now.

JORVIK Viking Festival 2020 is organised and funded by York Archaeological Trust, with no external funding or sponsorship, and all proceeds contribute to our work as an educational charity.

VENUE CHANGES DUE TO WEATHER. Due to the high winds forecast during the first part of the Festival, some outdoor events are being moved to indoor venues in the interest of visitor and staff safety. Please check the individual event listings for the most up-to-date information. York city centre is not flooded and remains fully accessible.

Sat 15th Feb – Sun 23rd Feb

Over 80 Events Across York

Nine realms bar with Valhalla and Brew York

14th February 2020

Nine Realms Bar

Raise a glass to the Gods at our festival bar!

Evening Events, 

JORVIK Viking Festival 2020

15th February - 23rd February 2020

JORVIK Viking Festival 2020

Visit York in February 2020 for an exciting programme of events, including living history encampments, markets, workshops, talks, tours and dramatic combat performances.


Vikings in the encampment

15th February - 23rd February 2020

Viking Encampment

Meet the Vikings who have gathered in Jorvik!

Family Friendly,  Free,  Highlights,  Living History, 

Feast alongside the voyagers of the Viking Age

15th February 2020

Banquet of the Voyagers

Feast alongside the great Voyagers of the Viking Age

Evening Events,  Highlights, 

Viking sea serpent on Middleton cross

15th February - 23rd February 2020

Magic & Mystery: Seafaring Sagas and Spells

Discover Norse beliefs about sorcerers, shapeshifters and sea monsters.

Exhibitions,  Family Friendly, 

Have a go sword JORVIK Viking festival 2020

15th February - 23rd February 2020

Have a Go Sword

Prepare for battle with our sword-fighting activity

Family Friendly,  Hands On, 

Viking crafting for kids

15th February - 16th February 2020

Viking Crafting for Kids

Try your hand at Viking crafting!

Family Friendly,  Hands On, 

Children enjoying fantastical beats of the Viking age

15th February 2020

Magical Menagerie at Barley Hall

Discover fantastical beasts from Viking myth

Family Friendly,  Hands On, 

Gudrid Thorbjarnadottir at Little Diggers

15th February 2020

Little Diggers – Gudrid’s Viking Voyages

Enjoy crafting and story telling about Viking adventurer Gudrid Thorbjarnadottir

Family Friendly, 

Your Dig: Help for Heroes

15th February - 23rd February 2020

YourDIG: Help for Heroes

Experience art, music, artefacts, poetry and more on the theme of Viking travel and trade

Exhibitions,  Family Friendly, 

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We've been celebrating York's Norse heritage for over 35 years.

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